2020 Global Solutions Forum

The second edition of the Global Solutions Forum (GSF) convened 8 inspiring SDG actors from the SDSN global network for rapid-fire presentations where they shared progress, highlighted victories, and inspired all of us to keep moving forward.

The event featured creative ways of active engagement for all participants, ensuring a truly interconnected atmosphere that spanned the globe in real-time. With digital breakout rooms, exhibit halls, and 1:1 networking spaces, there were ample occasions for valuable networking and the exchange of opportunities for scale-up. Technology allowed for participants to connect across boundaries and barriers thus making the Global Solutions Forum an event true to its name.

The GSF 2020 was a state-of-the-art virtual 2-day event that stood out in the inclusivity of global audiences, connectedness of different stakeholders, and innovativeness of the presented solutions. For the 2020 edition, eight SDSn networks have been carefully selected to form a regionally and thematically diverse set of speakers.

It united civil society, business leaders, policymakers, scientists, and non-governmental actors for an event full of opportunities for action on all scales.

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Solutions from the 2020 Global Solutions Forum